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  Doris, of Iban or Sea Dayak, Sarawakian parentage and the second of three children. She comes from a very close-knit family. She talks warmly about her parents and siblings who reside in Kanowit District, not too far away from Sibu. The relationship she has with her siblings is indeed special. After completing A levels, she goes studied at form six lower 2 months then transferred to Universiti Tun Abdul Razak, Kuching to do a Management degree and graduating in January 2006. But, it was quite a challenge for better career planning.

To find out what makes this remarkable young graduate, we ask her to share her thoughts on the education and careers.

I: What made you take up management instead of others subject?

D: I took up management because I thought then that I might go into managerial position at any organization in the future. My interest in books was also a major factor in making this decision. Management is very versatile subject and encompasses Quality Management, Management Sciences, Management study, HR management and so on. There so many options available when you have a management degree.

I: What other interest are you passionate about?

D: I’m very interested in kids centre such as kindergartens, environment with act that will encourage healthy interaction and socializing for teens and issues related public welfare especially at rural areas.

I: In your opinion how important is the English language in school, university and at work?

D: I think it’s very important. It works to your advantage to be fluent in English when looking for a job. Among other things, English is the international languages so you can go anywhere in this world if you fluent in English. Its also enables me to adapt easily to situation where I have to speak in both English and Malay languages at the same time. I am able to switch languages when the situation demand.

I: How do you think about to enter the working world?

D: Enter the working world are most challenges. Finding a job can be a frustrating, that the sad and bitter truth. Having a degree in your hands doesn’t mean there a job at your finger tips. Although, I had a management degree but there is imbalance because too many grads chasing too few jobs. Now, we not only to force ourselves to be the best but also to compete with the others. Sometime, I’m worried and disappointed but I had to force myself to stay calm, not to give up and should try harder. I have learned to be patient and just to keep on trying.

I: What are you doing right now?

D: Till now I’m still searching and hunting for a job while I do my part time work.

I: Do you ever have a follow up?

D: Yes, I receive a letter from Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Awam (SPA) before. That letter told me to sit writing test for a ‘Penerbit Rancangan’ position. After 3 months sit writing test, I receive a letter from SPA once again which inform me that I passed that exam and told me to attend ‘Ujian Amali’ at RTM studio’s. At 9 am on that day, I already at RTM together with almost 12 candidates waiting for test. I was the only candidates that selected. I was very nervous on that day. After that, I’m not receive any responded about it.

I: What are the motivating factors in your life?

D: My family are my biggest motivators because they are my biggest fans and at the same time, my biggest critics. Through there inputs, I am determined to do even better and overcome my weaknesses. Beside I get motivated by negative people. If they think I am not able to do something, then I push myself to give it a try. Even if I don’t get it, I would have no regrets since I have tried my best. Then I am motivated when I get appreciated or rewards for a job well done.

I: Do you have along/ short term goals already? What your future planned?

D: Right now I’m still quest for a job while I do my part time work. That also my short term goals. I hope I’ll get permanent job immediately then I’ll pay my PTPTN loan. I don’t care whatever job at least it match with my qualification and I willing to learn new things. I’ll do what comes along first there will be more options open to me along the way.

I: last but not least, what your motto would offer those about to enter the working world?

D: The greatest came from humble beginnings. I would say to follow our heart. Be yourself, and not somebody you are not. You maybe doing something totally out of your line of study but whatever you do, do it with all you have got.

I: Ok, that all for this time. Thank you for given your time to share your ideas and experiences. I hope you will success in the future.

For all the graduates, it takes time to build your portfolio, career wise and this come with experiences. Maybe surprised at the extent of your capabilities. But you will never know unless you have tried. 


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